The New Book by Bestselling Author, Chris Sajnog

Don't Miss Your Shot!

It’s the middle of the night…

You hear a sudden crash in the kitchen…

Someone has broken into your home.

He’s armed and ready to kill.


Will you be able to protect your family?


Shoot like a Navy SEAL, Unlock Your Warrior Potential, and Protect Your Family -- Without Expensive Trips to the Firing Range!


I’ve trained the world’s deadliest snipers, and today… I’m going to train you.


Dear Concerned Citizen,

My name is Chris Sajnog. I’m a retired US Navy SEAL and the man who created the US Navy SEAL Sniper Training program.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here.

I am one of the world’s leading firearms training experts. I’ve trained our country’s real-life heroes, the men who do things most people only try in a video game.

I didn’t always have these skills.

In fact, I had never even fired a gun until I joined the military.

But if you’re willing to take the first step and actually begin training, you can master anything.

Today, firearms experts around the world come to me for advice.


I’ve trained hundreds of US Navy SEALs.


And now, I’m ready to share those skills with everyday citizens like you who need to protect their families from our growing domestic criminals.


But first, let me ask you something...

How good is your aim? How often do you hit your target?

More importantly, can you fire a bulls-eye at 100 yards in the middle of the night?

Here’s an unpleasant fact:


Violent crimes typically happen at night.

You might be a decent shot on the range, but if a violent criminal attacks you and your family in the middle of the night, it’s a whole different story.

      Your adrenaline is rushing.

      You can’t see clearly because you just woke up.

      Your children might be screaming -- another distraction you can’t afford to have.

But you need to hit your target, no matter what.

Being able to shoot under extreme conditions is a skill the US Navy SEALs have mastered.

And that’s what you’re going to learn today.


Do you make these common shooting mistakes?

There are a lot of mistakes I see with new shooters and Navy SEALs alike. Making any one of these mistakes could cost you or your family.

Do you...

      Close one eye to “improve” your aim? This mistake can actually ruin your aim and force your brain into using your weapon’s sights incorrectly.

      Practice with live ammunition? Although practicing with real ammo is critical, if you’ve never been taught to practice without it, you’re limiting yourself and sabotaging your training!

      Follow generic shooting advice that’s meant to fit everyone? The reality is that you have to learn the right way to shoot for you. I’ll help you find the right techniques, stances, and balance for your unique body and mind.

Plus… If you’re right handed, it doesn’t mean your right eye is better -- and this is a mistake that can cost you your life in combat situations.


Making mistakes is okay,

but not when you’re holding a gun.


During a life-and-death situation, you need to be fully prepared for anything that comes your way.

Making even one of those mistakes during a violent encounter can mean death for you and your family.

It’s not your fault.

Thanks to my training as a US Navy SEAL, I was given all the time, ammo, and hands-on training that I needed.

Most people don’t have that luxury.

But I’ve trained the world’s deadliest snipers, and now, I’m teaching you those same techniques.


Master Your Weapon and

Protect Your Family with My Book:

Navy SEAL Shooting.


Navy SEALs are just regular people with a unique set of skills.

With this book, you’re going to learn some of those world-class skills -- most of them right in your own home.

These skills can save your life and the life of your family.

Remember: many of America’s heroes were trained by me. Now, you have the opportunity to learn the skills they have and master your weapon at last.

There are not simple shooting tips. These are techniques for using your weapon properly, surviving in a violent encounter, and living your life the way nature intended.

In this book, you’ll learn…

      The marksmanship techniques that have given me the power to hit my target perfectly at distances of up to [RECORD DISTANCE]... simply by understanding the relationship between my eyes and the target I want to shoot.

      How perfection is possible, and how to achieve it in your life and weapon mastery, simply by breaking down the mechanics behind your shooting.

      What the Porta Test can teach you about your own eyesight, and how to apply that knowledge to your weapon, unlocking your brain’s natural ability to hit targets and neutralize threats.

      The 4 P’s of surviving a violent encounter. These will keep you focused and in control during extreme situations, allowing you to hit your target and keep yourself and your family safe.

      How to live like a warrior, instead of the diluted version of yourself that society expects you to be. Your warrior spirit is the very thing that can save you when you’re being attacked.

      The Rider, the Elephant, and the Path: a simple, yet powerful, way to think about your training that will give you more control over your life.

      Why the right grip technique is far more important than you ever realized… even more important than where you put your trigger finger… and how to keep a steady hold on your weapon in the most unnerving situations.

      Why training at the shooting range isn’t always better than practicing at home, without any bullets at all. This training secret has saved me 1,000s of dollars, and it’s made me the Sniper I am today.

      How to use the SEAL Loop to make better decisions during emergencies and violent encounters, even when your heart is racing and you’re not sure what’s going on around you.

      Why the generic, cookie-cutter techniques you were taught are completely wrong, and how you can break free from those bad habits and master your weapon like a US Navy SEAL.

      How to avoid cognitive overload and keep your mind fresh, preserving more of your training and overcoming the challenges of a chaotic emergency.

      How to deal with equipment malfunctions so that you don’t put yourself at risk simply because your weapon has failed you.

      Why more training is not always a good thing, and how to find the right amount of time for you to fully master your Navy SEAL skills.

      The “GPS Training Method” that revolutionized the way I approached my weapons training that you can implement today to draw a clear path from your current level of skill to the world-class abilities of a Navy SEAL.

      Why US Navy SEALs always set goals and create plans, even if they won’t be able to follow through with them completely, and how these simple strategies can save your life when things go haywire.

      How the right exercises and foods can drastically change the way your brain operates, giving you the best possible chance for success when things go wrong.

      Why the “proper stance” is just a myth, and how you can find the best possible position for your own body to maximize your aim.

Plus… you’ll get simple, written exercises that will ingrain your SEAL-style weapons and survival training deep within your mind, so you won’t draw a blank during that critical moment.

There are 385 illustrations and pictures included in this book that will give you a vivid idea of what you need to do to ensure your survival.

If you’re currently a police officer, even if you’ve joined the SWAT team, you know that your training isn’t what it should be. Those tax dollars just aren’t supplying you with the skills you really need, even though you’re putting your life on the line for your community.

The book will fill in the gaps that your training has left behind.

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Money Back Guarantee



You are the weapon.
Your gun is only a tool.
One of the most important things you will learn in this book is that you are the weapon.
  • You are the one who stops an attacker.
  • You are the one who has control in a violent encounter.
  • You are the one who will save your family from an intruder.
So this book isn’t just going to teach you how to shoot your weapon (although that’s a big part of it).
You’re also going to find out how Navy SEALs live.
What we do in our “down-time.” How we squeeze in exercise during deployment. Even the kinds of foods we eat.
By adopting these daily strategies for living like a true warrior, you can be certain that you can perform your best even when things go wrong.
This Book is a Rare Opportunity.
I don’t think I have to tell you that most people will never get the opportunity to learn from a US Navy SEAL.
But more importantly, this book can save your life. If you ever have to use these skills during a home invasion, it will be worth every penny.
When the first edition of my last book went out of print, new paperbacks were selling for up to $3,495. (Don’t worry: you won’t have to pay anywhere near that number.)
And people have paid me as much as $1000 an hour to learn the skills and techniques that have made me the sniper I am today.
Many police organizations have used my book to help train their officers and here’s what others area already saying:
Once again, Chris demonstrates why he was an expert in the most elite military force. A must read for those serious about hitting the target.”
Ryan Zinke, CDR SEAL Team 6
US Congressman
You literally can’t find the techniques taught in this book anywhere else – because Chris developed them! He taught the US Navy SEALs to become masters of shooting under extreme conditions and now he’s offering you the same opportunity.“
Scott McEwen
#1 New York Times Bestselling Co-Author AMERICAN SNIPER and the national Bestselling Sniper Elite series of novels.
“Chris has taken a difficult and sometimes mysterious skill set and has re-thought, clarified, and adapted the material to make it much more accessible for the beginner and the expert alike. Don't miss this book!”
Joel Lambert
Former Navy SEAL
Discovery Channel's Manhunt & Lone Target
“Masterfully written by a master at “ATTENTION TO DETAIL”.  If you want to be a World Class shooter, this is a must read.”
Fred Kolberg (Ret. SEAL)
CEO Trauma Training FX
“The only thing certain in today’s global turmoil is our need to be prepared for worst case. Worst case being the use of deadly force to survive an encounter with an attacker. Very little plinking at soda cans aids in surviving an engagement with a hell-bent aggressor. Survival equals speed and accuracy and can only come from fluid repetition of solid firearms training techniques.

Firearms instructors that enjoy the reputation for excellence that Chris Sajnog has are few in number. A gift for teaching using patience, firmness and weapons acquaintance that only comes from longevity and real world experience.

I take writing personal recommendations seriously and write them sparingly; but havening served with Chris Sajnog as a Navy SEAL for many years I take great pride in saying you’ll find no better or a more knowledgeable, dedicated firearms instructor anywhere.“

Don Shipley USN (ret) BUD/S 131. SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.
"I've been shooting professionally as a law enforcement veteran and as a civilian gun owner for more than 30 years. After reading Chris Sajnog's new book Navy SEAL Shooting one thing was immediately clear to me: This is the single best shooting book ever written. 
I've directly participated in more than 1,000 hours of "professional" practical and tactical firearms training all over the U.S.  No instructor I know can bring the same subject matter expertise and instructional ability that Sajnog has demonstrated in this book, not even close.  
What I found to be most refreshing was all of the actual SCIENCE that he relies upon, not just anecdotal theories and regurgitated practices.  Sajnog could have easily taken the easy street in authoring this book by relying only on his professional credentials (SEAL Sniper Instructor), but he didn't.  It's clear that he has actually conducted a great deal of science-based research critically needed to validate his teachings.
The book's content is highly technical and game changing. However, Sajnog presents his wisdom in a way that makes it easy to grasp as a reader and perhaps more importantly, how to apply as a shooter.  Novice or expert, this is a 'must have' book for any shooter looking to improve his or her craft!"
Rick Reyes
Police Officer & Detective (Retired)
Member LAPD Anti-Terrorist Division
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Money Back Guarantee



My Navy SEAL Skills Guarantee.
There are a lot of YouTube videos with “gun experts” showing you cool moves that look interesting but will most likely get you killed.
Those people simply don’t have the training and real-world experience that I have.
I’ve given US Navy SEALs the skills they need to survive in war, and they’re the same skills that kept me alive during my service.
That’s why I’m so certain you’re going to love the weapons and survival techniques I’m going to teach you today.
Read this book. Try these techniques. Protect your family.
If you don’t enjoy having the shooting skills of a US Navy SEAL, I’ll refund your money.
This book can literally save your life and the lives of your family. I know these techniques work, and I want you to try them today.
It’s life and death. Don’t put it off.
What would you pay to learn the skills of a
US Navy SEAL from your own home?
It’s hard to put a price on the skills you’re going to learn today.
After all, if these skills save your family from a home invasion, they’re priceless.
But I wouldn’t feel right making this book so expensive that only police departments could afford to buy it.
$3,495 is just too much money for most people. I know I couldn’t buy it with my pension from the Navy.
So I told my publisher that there was no way we were going to charge his crazy rates for this book. Not when it can save someone’s life.
I put my foot down and got him to charge the bare minimum for this book.
The US Navy SEALs are world-class warriors with skills that most of us only dream of.
But now, you can learn the firearms techniques I gave to Navy SEAL Snipers in one easy-to-use book, plus 385 powerful pictures and illustrations with step-by-step instructions.
It’s an incredibly easy way to master your weapon and protect your family.
  • Finally get full control over your aim, in any situation.
  • Learn how to live like a US Navy SEAL -- and train like one, too.
  • Master your weapon and dominate the battlefield, your home, and the world.
I know you’re going to be amazed with your new skills.

You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family, and Learn to Shoot like a Navy SEAL for Just $29.97!



Chief Sajnog
US Navy SEALs, Retired

Creator of the US Navy SEALs Sniper Training Program


P.S. One of the best secrets in this book is the dry-fire technique.

By learning how to train without real ammunition, you can spend a lot more time practicing your new skills.

More importantly, dry-firing allows you to instill your training into muscle memory, so you don’t have to think too much when you’re taking action in the real world.

This technique saves me 1,000s of dollars a year, and that’s just not money you want to waste.

Of course, if you didn’t want to read this book, you could always take a personalized class with me, but that would cost you $997 per hour.

Save yourself the time and money. Grab this book now, before it jumps up to $3,000 like my last book!

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Money Back Guarantee



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